Stainless Steel Rails

We make custom roll formed stainless steel rails.

The rails meet our customers’ exact design specifications. Our stainless steel rails can be made in a wide range of sizes and shapes. We can perform inline fabrication services such as perforating, knurling and slotting. Our stainless steel rails are suitable for many applications such as fences. Our U-channels, C-channels, Open seam tubing and other special shaped profiles can be used as fence rails. Fence railing is our most produced fence hardware and is made with cutouts, miters, inline holes and slots.

Stainless steel is a good choice for fences that will be used for high security applications. With stainless steel fence hardware, the only extra finishing that may be needed is polishing and painting. Two reasonably priced stainless alloys for fence parts such as rails are: Type 304 and Type 430. Type 430 stainless alloy has relatively lower resistance ability over an extended period in a salty environment. Types 321 and 316 stainless alloys are better suited for salty environments but are higher priced.

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