Roll Forming Capabilities

Johnson Bros. Roll Forming Co. is proud to offer high-quality custom roll forming services for customers in a range of industries, featuring state of the art inline press punching equipment.

Our ISO 9002 compliant fabrication methods including inline press fabrication: insertions, swedging, punching, deburring, pointed tube ends, slotting, inline miters and close tolerance cut to length. We also produce expert quality low tolerance miniature parts, and offer some flat and shaped wire forming techniques including straightening, skiving, edge rolling, cut-to-length, and ring forming inline and as an option pre-edge rolled stock. At Johnson Bros. we have over six decades experience in tubing production, including the versatile lock seam tubing, which we run faster than our competition and open seam. Sizes of roll formed components can be in up to 36′ in length, and .187″ to 20″ in width, with thicknesses of .005″ to .188″, formed from a number of material options including steel, special alloys, stainless steel, aluminum, brass, copper, bronze, Inconel, titanium, wire cloth, martensite, cor-ten, high yield and high strength, Clad Metals, Flat and Shaped Wire among others. We are recognized for our advanced production abilities as non-ferrous materials specialists.

On-site machinery features press capacity from 5 to 100 tons, and spindle diameters from 1″ to 2.5″. On smaller, thinner parts we can maintain tight tolerances of 0.005″ during production, with capabilities to meet 0.002″ and larger parts and thicker materials wider tolerance ranges. Inline fabricating tolerances can be narrow on inline post punch or wider using inline pre-punching. Available finishes including pre-galvanized, pre-painted, pre-anodized, pre-plated, pre-polished, pre-perforated, pre-lacquered, pre-laminated vinyl, clad, pre-embossed, and strippable PVC over many.

Johnson Bros. Roll Forming specializes in component parts for type 1, 2 & 3 traffic safety barricades. Specifically barricade leg angles in 11-14 gauge steel, galvanized, galvannealed and/or painted. Supplied with or without end miter, holes or slots. Standard and custom hole sizes and patterns available. Type 3 includes tubing or all as angles in a welded assembly. Some material in stock, blanket orders accepted. Many other roll formed parts produced.

barricade legs

barricade legs


Our advanced production knowledge allows for attention to the specialized design aspects of the roll forming process such as end flare, while still providing high volume fabrication abilities and quick turnaround times. For more information about the custom roll forming services offered at Johnson Bros., as well as our menu of value added secondary services please see the table below or contact us directly.

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Roll Forming Features

Fabrication Method
Roll Forming Miniature Parts Roll Forming Inline and Secondary Press Fabrication Inline & Secondary Slots, Holes, Shear Forms, Etc. Inline & Secondary Cut to Length Inline Ring Bending Inline & Secondary End Fabrications Inline & Secondary Materials Insertion Inline & Secondary Double Sided Tape Applicating
Inline & Secondary Tube Swedging Inline & Secondary Tube End Pointing Inline & Secondary Flattened and Bent Tube Ends Inline Scoring Inline Grooving Inline Coil Edge Deburring Secondary End Deburring Burr Flattening by Rolling on Pre-Punch Fabricating
Flat and Shaped Wire Work
Straightening Skiving Edge Rolling
Cut-to-Length Light Extruding Ring Forming
Press Capacity

5 to 100 tons

Inline Pre-Notch Presses Inline Midline Presses Inline Cutoff Presses & Secondary Cutoff Presses Inline Ring Cutoff & Secondary Ring Cutoff Presses Inline Straightener Units Inline Sweep Units
Secondary Fabricating Presses Secondary Air and Hydraulic Fabricating Units Die Accelerators Die Boosts Weak Part Inline Cutoff Assists

Coil Sheet

Steel Stainless Steel Aluminum Brass Copper Bronze Inconel Galvanized Titanium Special Alloys Martensite
Foil Wire Cloth Perforated Expanded Clad Embossed High Strength High Yield Cor-Ten Clad Metals Flat and Shaped Wire
Plain Unfinished Steel Pre-Galvanized Steel Pre-Painted Most Materials Pre-Anodized Aluminum Pre-Plated Steel Pre-Polished (Bright, Satin) Steel
Pre-Perforated All Materials Pre-Lacquered All Materials Pre-Laminated Vinyl All Materials Pre-Embossed Strippable PVC on Finishes
White Black Forrest Green
Brown Red Any Color

.005 to .188 in


.187 to 20 in


Up to 36 ft

Coil Length

Up to 2,000 ft, and More

Spindle Diameter

1 to 2.5 in


.5 to 4 in

Roll Outside Diameter

Up to 15 in

Weight Capacity

Up to 6,000 lbs

Roll Forming Tolerances (+/-)

.005 in Some Part Areas, and Up .003 in (When Possible)


First Part Customer Sample Approval Process First Part In-House Production Sample Final Part In-House Production Sample Calipers Micrometers Optical Comparator Surface Plate and Digital Scales Gages Made by Customer or By Johnson Bros.

Material Temper Tooling
Hardness Finishes

Control Manager Statistical Process Control (SPC) ISO 9000 Compliant

Blueprints Inspection Reports Corrective Action Form
Sample Approval Forms Testing Inspection

Employee Training Documentation Awards

Barricades, Barricade Legs & Barricade Components Rings, Rims, Clamps, Flanges, Hoops & Bezels Profiles, Mouldings, Special Shapes Specialty Tubing Holders, Mountings, Edgings, Trim & Retainers Railings & Brackets Z-Bars & Purlins Frames, Framing, Diffusers, Grills & Baffels Panels, Fins & Plates Tracks, Ducts, Rails & Slides Caps, Covers, Cladding & Flashings Hinging: Louvers, Blades, Slats, Panels & Beads Slats, Strips, Gaskets, Battens & Curved Tape Bars & Sections: T, H, W & Double Channels Wire Products: Strips, Staps & Rings Shelf Support Tubing Stainless Steel Track Caps & Covers Shade Rollers
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Secondary Operations
Ring Forming Tooling Machining Grinding Hardening Sawing Sanding Welding
Coating Assembly Packaging Secondary Fabrication Storage Shipping Receiving
Roll Dies Cutoff & Inline Post Fabricating Dies Pre-Notch Dies
Secondary Fabricating Dies Weld Fixtures
Production Volume

Under 2,000 ft, Special Agreements Only. Over 2,000 Ft (Existing Tooling No Punching) Over 5,000 ft (New Tooling, & Existing w/Punching) No Minimum on Repeat Ring Requirements No Minimum on Lock Seam Tubing Stock Sizes