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Roll Forming Steel Window Frame for the Doors and Exterior Windows Industry

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Project description:

At Johnson Brothers Roll Forming, we provide high quality manufacturing of rolled and formed metal products. Since 1928, our manufacturing capabilities have enabled small and large-scale industrial firms alike, to obtain high quality roll forming services.

In this project, a customer in the Exterior Window industry contracted us to produce glass frame sections from traditional engineering drawings. With a tremendous amount of experience and a vast knowledge of older fabricating procedures at our disposal, we were able to assist this customer without issue. We looked over the tooling and made the necessary modifications needed to help improve the roll forming process to produce a superior product, while holding down any additional costs for the customer.

The Glass Frame section was manufactured on site using our proprietary roll forming process. The part was pierced where necessary, and bent to final shape using the specially developed bend tooling. This tooling satisfies a bend tolerance of ± 0.005" on dimensions and ± 0.3° on bend angles. To finish the part, we employed our special lubricating and packaging process to maximize dryness of parts which greatly helped customer's subsequent painting process. The parts were produced from galvanized and annealed cold rolled steel, which formed to custom lengths and 0.023" thickness.

We manufacture various order quantities of these parts per year, meeting our customer's specific expectations and our standards for excellence. We welcome the challenge to design and construct high quality custom metal shapes at a cost effective rate. For more information about this Glass Frame section project, please see the table below or contact us directly.

Project Specifications

Project Name & Description
Storm Door Security Window Frame
Capabilities Applied/Processes
Roll Forming
Lock Seam
Overall Part Dimensions
Width: 1”
Height: 11/32”
Cut to Various length
Tightest Tolerances
Bend Tolerance: ±0.005”
Bend Angles: ±0.3°
Material Used
Cold Rolled Steel
  • Thickness: .020-.024”
Material Finish
Industry for Use
Doors and Exterior Windows
30,000 feet annual average currently, with capability in the millions of feet
Standards Met
Customer Specification

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