High Dollar Tooling at Johnson Bros

As the economy improves, so does the American manufacturing sector. At Johnson Brothers, this exciting rebound has been noticeable and we couldn’t be more thrilled. As each month has passed, the number of higher-dollar value tooling orders has increased.

Perhaps the most interesting part of this recent boom is that people are not just demanding more tooling, but also tighter tolerances due to the fact that customers no longer need to compromise quality to lower cost. This movement towards more exacting custom tooling means that we have moved away from pre-punch technology in favor of inline fabrication done by the same inline die that also cuts off the part or an inline press die. Whether it is for slot-to-slot, hole-to-hole, or holes-and-slots-to-ends, customers don’t just want higher volumes, but also higher levels of consistency and quality. When it comes to both, nothing beats inline fabrication compared to expensive secondary fabrications.

While we also offer outstanding pre-punch services, with lower die costs and lesser tolerances, there are some projects that demand inline fabrication in the same die as the inline cutoff die. This avoids stretch, making tolerances greater with less distortion of holes, slots, notches, etc. when done in the pre-punch die. At Johnson Brothers, we have highly trained tooling design and construction experts that can handle the extra demands of tighter tolerances.

As with any good news, our ability to handle larger orders and incredibly tight tolerances has spread around the country. Leading makers of furniture, partitions, displays, racks, solar panels, and filters (just to name a few!) have come to rely heavily on Johnson Brothers for custom tooling along with a wide variety of other services.

If you need custom designed and constructed tooling, and you demand the industry’s tightest tolerances, then contact one of Johnson Brothers’ tooling experts today!